Actively Pursuing Economic Iinitiatives

Since its incorporation in April of 2014, Beauval Development Inc. (BDI) has been pursuing economic development initiatives for the Northern Village of Beauval, Saskatchewan. Shortly after incorporation, BDI obtained Sister Simard Center, which provides offices for rent. In September of 2014 BDI purchased its first business, Blueberry Hills Water Bottling. BDI’s service to the community includes not only supporting local development projects (both independently and in partnership with neighboring communities), but also providing assistance to local entrepreneurs.

Northern Village Of Beauval

Saskatchewan, Canada

Beauval – “Beautiful Valley” – is located in Northern Saskatchewan overlooking the picturesque Beaver River Valley providing a striking view of the river and surrounding nature. The community has a proud history of culture, language and heritage. In history, Beauval was a trading post location along the Churchill River trade route for the Hudson’s Bay Company, this route is still traveled via canoe by history buffs and avid outdoors man for the pristine scenes and memorable nature experience with historic influence. Situated in the valley of the Beaver River in northwest Saskatchewan, the Northern Village of Beauval provides a convenient stop for those traveling both north and south on Highway SK-155 and Highway SK-165.

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