Beauval Development Inc (BDI)

Pursuing economic development initiatives for the community.

Formerly the Amisk Development Corporation, Beauval Development Inc. was formed in 2014 to pursue economic development initiatives for the community of Beauval.  Starting with procuring the Sister Simard Center which contains offices for rent, Beauval Development Inc. went on to acquire a Water Bottling Business from a local entrepreneur who was interested in selling the business.  Blueberry Hills Water Bottling became BDI’s first business operation in September 2014.

Beauval Development Inc. began the process of developing an office and gymnasium complex in 2015.  By July 2016, the $2.3 million-dollar complex was completed with the help of Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCO) and the Clarence Campeau Development Foundation (CCDF).  The office complex is now home of the Northern Village of Beauval Administration, Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) – Training & Employment Beauval Office, and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) – License Issuer office.

The building also hosts the BDI Kitchen & Catering business – another business established in October 2016.  It has been running successfully ever since.

Beauval Development Inc. continues to pursue business opportunities locally and regionally.  The community of Beauval is a hub for traffic heading north and south on Highway 155, and also through-traffic on Highway 165.


To be a leader in business development for our community.


To create economic and employment opportunities in our community.


  • Community and cultural connectedness

  • Profitable & Service Oriented

  • Environmentally responsible

  • Accountability

  • Foster a learning environment for entrepreneurs

Strategic Direction and Goals

BDI will pursue the following strategic direction:

  1. Focus on wealth creation and seek opportunities for job creation to support and sustain a healthy community;
  2. Develop or purchase businesses that have the potential to generate wealth to:
    1. Support the operations of BDI;
    2. Reinvest in BDI’s community-owned businesses;
    3. Grow BDI by investing in new businesses; and
    4. Contribute to NVB to support and sustain the community it serves.

The goals below create a roadmap for BDI to follow its strategic direction:

  1. BDI is a self-sustaining entity that is not subsidized by the Northern Village of Beauval.
  2. BDI has the governance and operational capacity needed to achieve its goals and objectives.
  3. BDI has an effective communications and marketing (including branding) strategy.
  4. BDI starts new business ventures (acquisitions, developments, and/or partnerships) with a focus on wealth generation.


Knowledge. Expertise. Diligence.

• Nick Daigneault (Chair)
• Dawn Ewart (Vice-Chair)
• James Dennett
• Rosaire Alcrow
• Mervin Morin

As a board, they will provide strategic direction and leadership for BDI, and are responsible for:

  • Monitoring organizational performance;
  • Overseeing the financial affairs of the organization;
  • Selecting, supervising, evaluating, and compensating the Business Development Manager;
  • Assessing organizational risks and opportunities;
  • Developing the board’s governance framework and processes; and
  • Managing board dynamics.

As individuals, they will each:

  • Exercise the care, diligence, and skill that a reasonably prudent person with similar knowledge and expertise would exercise in comparable circumstances (“duty of care”); and
  • Act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the organization (“duty of loyalty”).